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Outreach Materials

Are you looking for resources to spread the word about Summer BreakSpot in your area? Below you will find copy, social media assets, email headers, and more to support your outreach and promote your Summer BreakSpot location.

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Promotional Flyers and Posters

All flyers and posters are double-sided. Front: English; back: Spanish and Haitian Creole.

11" x 17" All Languages Customizable Poster

8.5" x 11" All Languages Flyer

Web Banners

Upload these web banners to emails, websites, and other online resources.

Social Media Messages

  • Free meals are available for kids and teens while schools are closed. Visit to find a site near you.
  • Sites throughout Florida are providing free, nutritious meals to keep kids healthy during school closures. Visit to find a site near you.
  • Find a site near you serving free meals for kids during school closures. Site locations and operating times are updated daily at

Community Calendar

Use the sample text below to share information about your meal service on community calendars. Be sure to always include the times of service and full address.

Summer BreakSpot provides free, nutritious meals to kids and teens under 18 while schools are closed.  (INSERT NAME OF YOUR FACILITY) will be serving free grab-and-go meals at (INSERT FULL ADDRESS OF SITE) from (INSERT TIMES/DATES). There are no forms to complete or registration needed to participate.

Additional Resources for New and Existing Partners

Site Supervisor's Guide

A successful children’s Summer Food Service Program must be well supervised, organized and offered in a safe environment to serve children fresh, appetizing and well-balanced meals. To function effectively, site staff should be dedicated, knowledgeable and compassionate. As a site supervisor, you set the standard for workers around you and ultimately determine your community partner’s success or failure in the program. It is important to keep reliable records, report food and safety concerns to your partner and maintain inventory to ensure the success of your partner’s program. By following program guidelines and working as a team with your partner during school vacation periods, you can ensure that your site will provide essential nutritious meals and snacks to neighborhood children in need.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) resources on this page offer additional information. Note that the USDA refers to “community partners” as “sponsors.”

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